game bài baccarat时时彩Ministry examines ways to convince public sector workers not to quit

2024.03.26 22:16:12

Ministry examines ways to convince public sector workers not to quit

HÀ NỘI — As public sector workers continue to leave their jobs in droves, Minister of Home Affairs Phạm Thị Thanh Trà has called for suggestions to stem the tide.

Ministry examines ways to convince public sector workers not to quit

The Government, ministries and localities have introduced many policies to support public sector workers. However, it has not been enough to stop many public employees from resigning.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) suggested improvements must be made in the working environment regarding professionalism, modernity, competition, and opportunities for professional development.

The MOHA will provide supportive policies for public employees with difficult economic circumstances, building a system of capable and reputable leaders and managers to organise their work well. All will aim at creating trust and encouraging public employees to work.

Ministries should renew the arrangement and use of public employees to create conditions for them to develop, especially early in their careers. 

They should also support public employees to participate in further training to improve their qualifications and working capacity.

Concerned organisations should have adequate policies to serve the employees' professional development.

The MOHA emphasised political and ideological education for public employees, creating peace of mind to work in the state sector.

Agencies must continue to innovate working methods and administrative reform, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of state management, accelerate digital transformation, and apply information technology in public service activities.

The MOHA requested the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Health, which have seen many public workers departing, analyse the situation, clarify the causes and propose solutions to build a system of public employees meeting task requirements in the new situation.

The MOHA will continue to research and advise competent authorities to implement wage reform policy following the Politburo's direction.

In the letter, the MOHA co妹妹itted to proposing policies to attract talents to the public sector.

It will urge localities to strictly implement policies for public employees to meet the requirements of innovation and improvement of the quality of public service. — VNS